A manifest to change the world through the performing arts

1. STATUS QUO: collapse

The world cannot go on like this, chained to an unequal and unjust system that is inexorably moving towards total collapse.
Billions of inhabitants of our planet do not have access to the most basic culture.
There is an evident lack of local cultural projects and facilities in more than half the world.
Dragons are those who despise, mistreat and mercilessly use their power against their fellow men (equals, neighbors).
Dragons are those whose dirty looks are aimed at humiliating, using and converting the other into the new contemporary slave.
They are dragons those who look at Africa, Asia, and Latin America in this way.
Dragons are those who look at the culturally excluded in this way: the homeless, the undocumented, the long-term unemployed, the elderly in a situation of dependency, migrants, the evicted, victims of gender violence, single-parent families.
Facts of all the pain, direct inheritance of everything that no one in this world would want for himself. From all that, from all this, we have made our knife.
As artists, we can no longer look the other way. Let us look to the only possible place: love.

2. A NEW ORDER: the awakening to culture
Against all present and future dragons we have an infallible weapon: culture.
Culture is a fundamental right of every human being.
Culture connects us with the infinite.
Culture is inclusion, participation, empowerment and self-realization.
Culture is the real vaccine, the one that will immunize us forever from human stupidity, from the horror of hating ourselves, from xenophobia, from racism, from envy, from greed, from not being.
Culture is an investment, not an expense.
Culture is very profitable if one compares the expense it implies with its social benefits.
Culture strengthens identity, increases capabilities, creates social bonds and eliminates geographical barriers.
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3. ACTIONS TO ACHIEVE THIS OBJECTIVE: by way of a decalogue

  • To banish the idea of culture as a possession of an elite and to implant the idea of culture as an element of transformation and empowerment.
  • Reach those who are neglected by the system and transform their reality by creating an emergency culture.
  • Attack the root of the problem by creating specific projects in the field that make visible the problems of specific groups, helping to solve (heal) them through culture.
  • To give voice or be a loudspeaker for the genius of the different cultures that do not belong to the capitalist system.
  • To create unique and differentiated projects that value the culture of a community, above the dominant capitalist culture.
  • To show the world that the difference between cultures is a priceless gift.
  • To involve in our projects the agents already working in the field, creating alliances and a fabric capable of initiating change on its own.
  • Connect the amateur and professional worlds, creating cultural fabric and jobs.
  • Generate cultural events in which all sectors of society converge: families, friends, colleagues and relatives of the selected artists.
  • General training projects that create new cultural workers who in turn multiply the opportunities for change.

    4. FINAL CLAIM: against dragons

    In front of any human being, here and now, we raise (invoke) all the necessary storms to unload goods and treasures, which will make visible the misfortune of those who do not deserve it.
    And from now on, with this powerful knife between our hands (between our teeth), we raise our necessary and true voice against all dragons.
    The shoes to walk this path are culture.
    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  • (Paco Azorín & Carlos Martos de la Vega)